Thursday, December 31, 2015


President Obama did some interesting, provocative and funny interviews towards the end of 2015.  So before the year officially ends here, a few links...

The latest is the funny one, a video experience with Jerry Seinfeld in his Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee series, via the Washington Post.

From the ridiculous to the often profound, an exchange between writer Marilynne Robinson and Obama that's close to a real dialogue, with the President asking about as many questions as she does. The first part is here at the New York Review of Books, with a link to the full audio.  Here's the second part, both published in November.

Bill Simmons is one of my favorite sports writers, especially about basketball.  He did a fun interview in GQ with President Obama that is more than about sports, as Simmons asks him the kind of questions about the non-political aspects of the job that a lot people might want to ask. (Seinfeld does, too, in the interview above.)

If President Obama feels liberated going into his last year in office, it might help account for the utter clarity of his answers on political topics in interviews lately.  See this Jonathan Chiat column about an interview President Obama did with George Stephanopoulis, with a link to the full interview.

And the transcript and video of a year-end interview with PBS.

This may be the most interesting last year of a presidency in my lifetime, which shouldn't be too surprising, since this has been the most interesting presidency so far.

In other words...we ain't seen nothin yet.

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