Thursday, July 12, 2012

Heat Front

In his Sunday report, Chris Hayes opined that the key figures needed to legitimize the climate crisis for the TV viewing public are the weather reporters.  It's true that especially at local stations the weather guy (it's usually a guy) is the best known TV celeb, and even the biggest celeb period.  Plus the network and Weather Channel reporters (many of whom are women) evoke the most positive recognition.  But partly because of the virulence of Rabid Right responses to any mention of global heating or the climate crisis,  local stations and even the networks aren't wild about the idea of their weather folk venturing the same opinion as 98% of climate scientists.  Plus weather celebs know where their bread is buttered--at the corporate speaking engagements and other corporate gigs where the real money is made.

But this June may have dented if not demolished that cold front.  Even Climate Progress is impressed with network coverage linking the summer heat and fires to global heating.   In addition to their examples, there's this NPR story about the lasting impact of the recent heat, and this CNN story  quoting scientists that the climate crisis means more of this kind of weather in the future.

Meanwhile, the hurricane season is starting to heat up.  Stay tuned.

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