Tuesday, May 29, 2012

My Money Trumps Your Life

As per results of the Texas primary, Richie Richney is more or less officially the nominee for President of the Grand Old Racists Party, the Rabid Right and More for Me billionaires' choice, eager to bring their special mixture of plutocratic lazy fare and 21st century fascism to an eager America.

He chose today to kiss up to Donald Trump and his ever shriller charges that President Obama is not legally the President of the United States, and to emphasize his nod nod wink wink by releasing his own birth certificate.  So America--or at least that preselected portion of it who will be permitted to vote this time--can endorse the most craven candidate imaginable, a world class coward who seems incapable of uttering a sentence that does not depend on a lie.   Leading the charge of the billionaires who will be spending millions spreading those lies from now until November.

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