Thursday, April 19, 2012

Richie Richney's unforced error while supposedly campaigning on the theme of supporting small business in suburban Pittsburgh is already legend--and a video by the PA Dems.  He turned his nose up at cookies baked at a locally famous bakery, the kind of small business he was supposedly promoting.  It brought a day's fame to the baker who was obviously afraid to criticize the Rom., since he's an R himself. 

But it did elicit this classic line from Politico reporter John Heilman about Romney: "He is not comfortable, in many case, around ordinary human beings."

And a final word, about this week's polls.  They varied from CNN which showed President Obama with a 9 point lead, to NBC with 6 point lead, to several with smaller leads, to the NY Times as tied.  The margin of error is large for all of them.  Only the Gallup tracking poll has shown Romney with a lead, and I've seen the explanation from others in the polling business to the effect that Gallup uses a "likely voter" profile that skews heavily away from many groups that actually did vote for President Obama in 2008.  "Likely voter" models are not considered useful until after the political conventions.  I don't know about the Times poll, though.   

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