Saturday, August 21, 2010


Unfortunately I did accidentally catch the first 30 seconds of the NBC Nightly News, to hear the teaser on the egg story. About reaction to the apparently contaminated eggs from Iowa, including people who wonder why the "government" didn't catch this.

Well, maybe if governments had enough qualified people working to safeguard food and safety, which would happen only if they can tax the right people and politicians stop successfully making a fetish out of cutting the size of government, which starves the resources to do what people assume and demand the government is doing.

And the GOPer obstructionists in Congress wouldn't hold up the appointment of the undersecretary for food safety for nearly a year, so President Obama had to make her a recess appointment.

Hereabouts we aren't especially worried, because in addition to imported eggs, we get ours from diary farms nearby. Actually we can occasionally hear the chickens that a neighbor keeps. All of which may serve as another object lessons in not keeping all your eggs in one basket, that is if anybody actually ever learns anything, which is increasingly doubtful.

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