Monday, December 15, 2008

The Oncoming Storm

We face an oncoming storm of economic and other troubles, deep and wide as the world, which will only become more obvious when the glitter of the holidays fades.

But there is another storm building, also big, and it will begin coming on fast in the new year. Its name is Barack Obama.

The new administration is taking shape, impressive and muscular. The proposals are being created, and they are big, including a major economic rescue package that may top a trillion dollars.

Already Obama is working behind the scenes, on the auto company rescue for instance. "Mr. Obama has been pulling on the levers of power far more than any president-elect in memory, using his new stature to influence events in Congress and the real White House of President Bush..." says the New York Times. This analysis of his emerging executive style says he sets broad goals and delegates to others on details but knows those details as well as anyone, and "Mr. Obama has shown no hesitance in stepping into disputes between the more experienced Democrats who run the House and Senate to forge the united front he will need in coming years to pass his ambitious agenda. "

Obama and his staff are also gathering the forces behind his election, with community organizing and setting up His Saturday radio /YouTube addresses signal how he will redefine communications from the White House, speaking "of the people, to the people," says a Washington Post article.

In this nervous period of waiting--hoping that the Bushite administration and the Hooverites in Congress don't screw things up any more in the few days before the holidays and the new Congress--the American people are unwavering in their hopes and support. Not even a nasty Illinois statehouse scandal has dented Obama's sky-high approval rating--much higher than any recent incoming president.

That's because America needs this incoming President to be an oncoming storm, big and bold enough to face down disaster. Of course we'll need patience and compassion and sacrifice before long. But we can look forward to a forceful beginning. It's looking good.

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